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"Alice Gold’s Juno that must be particularly praised for creating a new, exciting dynamic to the production. Clad in 1920s glamour, Gold strutted around the stage as the deliciously wicked queen of Manhattan society. Her performance captivated and electrified the audience... Gold raised the bar high..."

- review: Semele, Charlotte Riley, Owl Eyes,


"Indeed, it seemed that Gold was quite the audience favourite, garnering rounds of applause from the audience after every performance. And rightfully so, as not only were her vocals beautifully delivered, but her acting also seemed to be the most lively of the night."

- review: Semele, Rachel Abreu, The Tribe

"The part of Juno was as impressive, played by Alice Gold, whose domineering and facetiousness brought much humour to the final act. Her acting was matched by her singing, particularly in her duet with Somnus, “Obey my will”, as she taught the nymph Pasithea to charm the god with her physical attributes."

- review: Semele, Zebedee Baker-Smith, The Saint

"Their ambition and enthusiasm were a delight to see and hear: highlights included the Semele of final-year medical student, Christina Bell, who will be medicine’s gain but opera’s loss when she qualifies; while Alice Gold was just outrageously over the top as Juno. 

- review: Semele, Neil Jones, Opera Now, April 2017, page 72

"Whilst the cast did exceptionally well to keep the energy high throughout the performance, particular mention must go to Alice Gold (Ruth) and Freddie Mack (The Major-General). Gold, in her role as a rambunctious and bawdy ‘piratical maid of all work’, stole the stage whenever she was on it."

- review: Pirates of Penzance, Emily Elderfield, Owl Eyes,

"Alice Gold, who played Ruth, the pirates’ maid, gave perhaps the most immediately funny of all the performances. Ruth definitely seemed to be one of the opera’s more pitiful characters, and Gold played that out well with the well-crafted clumsiness of her stage movement" 

- review: Pirates of Penzance, Josh Williams, The Saint

"The exception to this was Alice Gold, the actress portraying Frederic’s conniving but likeable nurse. Gold had a strong comprehension of the physical requirements of the role, capturing the script’s melodramatic humor perfectly and garnering the most laughs from the audience." 

- review: Pirates of Penzance, Sarah Crawford, The Tribe,

"Alice Gold’s Katisha on the other hand would have struck fear into the entire court. Aged only nineteen, her commanding presence and vivid costume quite rightly dominates large parts of Act 2. Her voice provides a classic treatment to those songs that require moments of rasping contralto."

- review: The Mikado, Richard Beck, Broadway Baby,

Semele, 2017

The Pirates of Penzance, 2016

The Mikado, 2016

"Alice Gold is a creature of the stage! Her natural habitat is under bright lights and facing an audience, ready to entertain. Last year's Katisha at the Edinburgh Fringe stole the show. Pure Gold!"

- Brian Bannatyne-Scott, Opera Singer (ROH, Garsington)